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Insurance companies know that you probably don’t know the law and about the different types of treatments and injuries that can result from a vehicle collision. You can handle your claim on your own, but you may end up inadvertently making a statement that could be fatal to your claim. I have handled hundreds of car accident cases and am absolutely qualified to stand in between you and the insurance company to keep your claim viable and hold the negligent driver accountable.

What Defenses Do Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Out On Personal Injury Claims?

Insurance companies will often say that you used faulty evasive action, that you never got the vehicle repaired, or that your medical expenses were too high. They might also say you waited too long to seek medical attention, that you have gaps in treatment, or that you haven’t followed treatment recommendations, so you can’t be seriously injured.

How Do Trucking Accidents Differ From Passenger Vehicle Accidents?

There is tremendous difference between car accidents and trucking accidents. Not only could the injuries resulting from a commercial vehicle hitting a smaller personal vehicle be much more serious, but the property damage could be more serious as well. Also, when you have been involved in an accident with an individual person, you are dealing with that individual person’s insurance policy limits. The minimum insurance policy limits for trucking companies and commercial vehicles are much higher than that required of an individual because they have the potential to do more damage.

Further, when you are injured by an individual, a lawsuit must be filed against that individual. When you are injured by a professional driver driving a commercial 18-wheeler for profit, a lawsuit is not only filed against the individual who was driving but also against the corporation for whom that driver was working. That company’s practices, history of accidents, training, and federal motor carrier safety regulations (FMCSRs) issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) come into play. The rules that govern the commercial vehicle are much more stringent than the rules that cover individual drivers driving their personal vehicle.

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