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"Mr. McNeal is one of the top lawyers in Houston. He's a very dependable and loyal person, he cares about his clients and works hard to get things done. One of the best lawyers money can buy and I highly recommend his service. He helped me get out of a though situation that went on for 2 years. I also had a bad car wreck during that time he took dat case also, he pulled strings and I got money I didn't expect to receive. This guy is the truth! If u need a GREAT lawyer look up David McNeal!"Darius
"In summary, David is an excellent attorney! He was professional, always responded to my inquiries in a timely manner, and negotiated his way to an excellent settlement given a not-so-favorable situation. What more can you ask for?"A Satisfied Client
"I was involved in a car accident recently and hired Mr. McNeal to represent me in my claims case. Not only did David go above and beyond to keep me updated on the status of my claim, make sure I understood how the process worked but he also took charge of my case on a personal level by paying for meals and becoming a trusted confidante. Although my claim was small, he I ended up getting back way more money than I expected thanks to David's hard work! He is VERY thorough, responds to email communication/phone calls in a timely manner, and actually cares about his clients' well being. I would recommend Mr. McNeal to anyone a thousand times over if they want their case handled promptly and professionally!"Lindsey
"Mr. McNeal was a pleasure to work with and have on my side. Unfortunately I was injured on a vessel while working, and left with all of my medical bills unpaid. He was very helpful in explaining all aspects of Admiralty and Maritime Law and how it applied to me. He was also flexible about meeting after hours and around my work schedule to get my case resolved. David is a excellent communicator, and has himself worked in the maritime industry. Him being familiar with aspects of my work made me feel at ease. I am truly thankful for his help!"Nathaniel
"I was overwhelmed when I received a traffic ticket and knowing full well I was not in violation of using the toll road. The Officer who issued a traffic citation did not want to hear anything and the District Attorney did not want to hear what I had to say. You gathered the information and presented it. Thank you for a job well done!"David
"Hire him as my attorney for a traffic ticket very minor he was very professional and good with the member of the court house. I was in and out in less than 10 mins it was painless and I happy with the outcome. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who ask me. Thanks David McNeal"Ronnie
"David Mc Neal is a very professional, thorough, and forward thinking lawyer. Even though he specializes in Admiralty law, David was able to take our juvenile case, pursue it, and resolve the case positively. David worked with us on our case to deal with the DOJ and gave us the proper advice to speak with Justice personnel. I recommend David Mcneal to everyone and will retain his services again in the future when I need legal advice or representation."Nate
"I'm very pleased with David, from start to finish he made 100% sure I understood everything and all my options as far as having a commercial drivers license. He recommended taking it to jury trial and said we had a good chance of winning, which we won. He made sure he had all facts ready when the trail started and asked all the perfect questions to the jurors for us to decide who to selected. I was extremely pleased overall. We even Sat down afterward and celebrated our victory over lunch, where I learned more about David and why he's so passionate about doing his job. He's a very stand up guy, I would most definitely use him anytime I need a lawyer!"Bobby
"David was very knowledgeable, he knew things about police equipment that policeman didn't know himself like calibration. He knew so many legal points. He spoke clearly with the lawyer's tone. As a CDL driver I needed someone who could represent well & he really did exactly that. He stayed with me while waiting for Jury to finish. If you are looking for a good lawyer who can do a great job please don't hesitate to contact him. I highly recommend lawyer David McNeal."Mr. Paul