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Accidental injuries in Texas can result in devastation for your finances, your mental and physical health, and your family’s future. McNeal Law Group is dedicated to passionately representing those who have been injured in accidents of all kinds. The skilled Fort Bend County personal injury attorney at McNeal Law Group offers legal representation to anyone who has been hurt in an offshore or maritime work accident, an automobile accident, a slip and fall incident, an animal attack, medical malpractice, or any other type of mishap involving another party.

Time Limits And Damages In Fort Bend County, Texas

As soon as you realize that you have been injured in an accident and receive the necessary medical treatment, it is time to seek out a personal injury attorney in Fort Bend County, TX to help you begin the process of being compensated for your damages. Your medical bills, your physical and emotional pain, your time off of work, and your property damage could all be covered. Every state has its own law that decides the time period you have to file your negligence lawsuit. This law is known as the statute of limitations. If you do not file your claim before this time period has ended, you are barred from recovering damages. Certain types of negligence claims, including those against government entities, have a shortened timeline. These cases need the prompt guidance of a personal injury lawyer in the Fort Bend County, Texas area.

Comparative Negligence And Your Texas Personal Injury Attorney

Texas uses modified comparative negligence when assessing the damages in a negligence case. This means that in Texas you can be compensated for injuries, even when the court has found you partially responsible for the accident that caused them. As long as you are not found to be more than 51% responsible, you are entitled to recover from the other partially responsible party. A judge or a jury will be deciding which percentage of fault to assign to each of the parties who were involved in the accident. Any damages you are awarded will then be reduced in accordance with your level of responsibility. A competent personal injury lawyer in Fort Bend County, TX can skillfully express your side of the story in a way that can limit the percentage of responsibility you’re assigned.

Fort Bend County Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death is the most tragic outcome of a negligent injury when a person dies due to the injuries they sustain. In Texas, the statute of limitations for wrongful death is two years. If your relative passed away as a result of a negligent accident, you must get to a Fort Bend County personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If you have been injured or you have lost a family in an accident, you must act quickly. McNeal Law Group is here to help people exactly like you. Do not hesitate to contact us today.

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