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The most common traffic offense we handle is speeding, but we handle all traffic offenses in the State of Texas.

What Are The Implications Of A Speeding Ticket On My Driver’s License In Texas?

If you are convicted of a moving violation in Texas, that conviction will stay on your record for three years. That can affect your insurance rates, depending on the type of violation.

Can Getting Multiple Speed Tickets Result In The Suspension Of My Driver’s License?

Yes. Multiple speeding tickets can result in a license suspension and potentially a warrant for your arrest if they are left unhandled.

How Do Police Determine If You Were Speeding?

Police determine speed by numerous devices: radar, laser, and Lidar are the most common devices used to assess speed. I have called trial on traffic tickets throughout the Greater Houston area and have cross examined police officers about their knowledge of the device that they were using. It is then up to the jury to decide, beyond a reasonable doubt, whether the individual who is accused of a traffic violation is guilty or not guilty.

How Serious Can It Be If I Ignore A Speeding Ticket In Texas?

If you do not appear to the court on the scheduled date for your speeding ticket, you receive a failure to appear, which is another fine. A warrant will be issued for your arrest and you will have to bond to secure your appearance at another court date. It is very important to speak to an attorney.

Do I Really Need To Fight A Speeding Ticket?

If you have legitimately believe that you are not guilty of what the officer who gave you the ticket has accused you of, there is no question as to whether or not you should stand up and fight.

Why Do I Need An Attorney To Fight My Traffic Ticket?

By hiring an attorney, you are holding the state to their burden of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you are guilty of the offense. By not fighting back, you are allowing the State to escape that burden.

What Questions Should I Answer When I Am Stopped For Speeding?

You do not have to answer any questions of the police when you are stopped on a Texas road or highway. You must provide your license and insurance, but you do not have to answer questions such as “Do you know why I stopped you”. If you are legally driving a legally registered vehicle, the State must have a reason for stopping you from traveling. You can politely refuse to answer by asking the officer why you have been stopped, but be careful of being haughty and creating an adversarial situation with the officer. He has a job to do and you have the right to be protected. If the officer has determined that you have committed a violation, he can issue you a citation based on the evidence that he had at the time of the stop, which does not include further evidence he can obtain against you by answering further questions. The more you talk, the more likely it is that you will say something which could be construed as an admission of guilt.

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